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LenderX™ goes above and beyond what you expect from appraisal management software to work the way you do – your appraisers, your process, your staff!

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We lead the way among in-house appraisal solutions.

We’re cool technology Junkies. We pair that obsession with execution and exceptional service to continually improve LenderX™ based on feedback from our clients and appraisers. We consistently deliver a great software product.

We may sell software, but it’s our people who make all the difference! From our executive-level experience in appraisal management to our talented team of software engineers, LenderX™ attracts and maintains the brightest minds in the lending industry.


LenderX is a powerful and easy-to-use tool to help you optimize your workflow and focus on success.

Built on proprietary technologies, LenderX has developed an intuitive, reliable platform that streamlines processes and makes day-to-day tasks easier for mortgage professionals. In addition to a logical workflow, LenderX provides tools that eliminate time-wasting activities while ensuring a higher-quality final appraisal product. LenderX is designed for dependability, efficiency, and ease of use.

LenderX is feature-rich, enabling self-management of appraisals, communication, invoicing, tracking, and secure borrower delivery, all from one easy-to-use portal. With a staff focused on customer responsiveness, LenderX continuously adds new features, and functions to improved quality and productivity.

Order management

Request services, manage revisions and deliver completed documents from an easy-to-use online portal. 

Intelligent Automatic Assignment

LenderX allows creation of unique weighting percentages for key appraisal assignment criteria like proximity, quality, turn time and more, to automatically assign orders while ensuring compliance. A negotiation process allows vendors to work with lenders to negotiate dates and prices more easily.

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Centralized Payment Processing

Save time and money by accepting payments from borrowers automatically. Built-in accounting features make it easy to review, approve and queue appraiser invoices for payment. 

Manage Daily Tasks

Simplify daily “to-do” lists with the LenderX To Do List. Users can easily drill into system activities that require their attention, claim responsibility for group tasks and more.

Quality and Risk Reviews

AURA by Clear Capital provides a smart, automated collateral underwriting assessment tool that allows clients to expedite loan closures through the application of risk-oriented approach to the appraisal review procedure, resulting in equitable and precisely evaluated appraisals.

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Stay Informed

Real-time email alerts notify staff of changes in appraisal status and appraisers of new orders or change requests to accelerate response times.

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Vendor Management

Continue working with trusted vendor panels to ensure appraisal quality and better turn times! LenderX expands your coverage by providing access to a national directory of network vendors. LenderX also checks owned unique exclusionary lists.

LOS Integrations

Integrations with major LOS systems saves additional time and efforts for your organization. LenderX has integrated with ICE Mortgage Technology (Encompass), MeridianLink (LendingQB), Byte, and Mortgage Builder. 

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Multiple safeguards and workflow features help keep management on top of everchanging appraiser independence regulations. Custom configure user roles, access permissions and system preferences to fit a company’s organizational structure to gain insightful management views without compromising compliance.

Integrated Solution Providers

Latest news

Typical appraisal escalation to address repurchase risk

Typical appraisal escalation to address repurchase risk

If a lender is dissatisfied with an appraisal report and the associated collateral risk they typically follow an appraisal escalation path to seek a remedy. CU helps users determine which risks exist, and AURA assists with engaging the appraiser with clarification and...

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