About LenderX®

The Leader in Lender-Executed Appraisal Management Software

LenderX is a comprehensive appraisal management software platform that continues to lead the way among in-house appraisal solutions for mortgage lenders. Lenders nationwide rely on LenderX to simplify and improve their appraisal management processes in a compliant environment.

The Best Technology

We're junkies for cool technology. We pair that obsession with execution and exceptional service to continually improve LenderX based on feedback from our clients and appraisers and consistently deliver a great software product.

The Best People

We may sell software but it's our people who make all the difference! From our executive level experience in appraisal management to our talented team of software engineers, LenderX attracts and maintains the brightest minds in the lending industry.

LenderX is a product of StreetLinks LLC, dba StreetLinks Lender Solutions, a leading provider of lending valuation solutions.

Please contact us with any questions about LenderX.